(via Rose City Bungalow 1913)

Lower Body: Sherwin Williams (SW2846), Roycroft Bronze Green

Upper Body: 50% of Roycroft Bronze Green

Trim: Sherwin Williams (SW2822), Downing Sand

Detail color: Saywood Pine From Miller Paint (Portland)

Of course I would love to share. We actually found our colors by walking around the neighborhood and finding a home with colors that we loved. We then left a note and the owners were kind enough to call and share their colors with us. We have Sherwin Williams historic color palette (I don’t think they advertise these colors anymore but they can still make them). Roycroft bronze green is the lower body color (we had a custom color done for the top which was about 50% of the color of the lower body) and downing sand for trim. OUr detail color is Sayward Pine (it is basically black) from a local company called Miller paint. Best of luck-we probably spent over $100 on samples before choosing our color.

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