So…it turns out my contractor may have over exaggerated his ability to install marble floors. These are REALLY uneven. So, I’m looking for another contractor.

Meanwhile, we’re spending Saturday demoing the floor.

Oh, and here’s one reason why the floor are uneven. The contractor didn’t bother leveling the subfloor. That’s cool.

Big news! Today when I got home from work there was a giant pane of glass in the trash pile. I asked my contractor where it came from and he said it was in the wall between the trap door room and the bathroom. So I’ve made the decision to put it back up! The new bathroom will now have sunlight! I was originally concerned that having a window in the bathroom that leads to the creepy trap door/basement room, but I think ultimately having natural daylight in the room is more important. I can frost the window to give more of a sense of privacy and reduce the creepy haunted feeling of having a basement on the other side of the bathroom.

The new wall is up and we pushed back the wall three feet which made the bathroom 21 square feet larger. The new space will house the bathtub.

Walls are down and fixture are out! We removed the wall between the bathroom and the creepy trap door room. Also removed the hall closet to make the bathroom as large as possible.

And, newspaper from the 1960’s used as wall insulation.

Look at that linoleum! I’m guessing this layer is from around 1920. And, surprise, surprise, it’s yellow!! The woman who lived here LOVED yellow!

Linoleum floor from the 20’s.

Oh look, yellow wallpaper!

And the big wall is down. This may be the first time the room has seen the light of day in almost 50 years.

And, here’s a creepy 12″ by 12″ nook that used to be in the kitchen. Note the yellow tea pots.

Another layer of linoleum! This is the original bathroom flooring. There is wood subfloor under it. Yellow. Sooo much yellow.

The bathroom is my least favorite room in the house. I have to say that the bathroom made me regret buying the house. The bathroom was remodeled in 1965 by a woman who loved yellow. Here are just a few things wrong with it. It’s in the center of the house so no sunlight gets in, and towels never dry. The door swings in and hits the toilet. The sink is measured 12 inches wide and 12 inches deep. The tub is 12″ deep. The only storage is under the sink in an old cabinet that smells musty. The lighting for applying makeup is awful. The water doesn’t stay warm for much longer than 5 minutes. The moisture is dissolving the drywall near the shower. Here are a few pics. The linoleum flooring is coming up in a few areas, which makes it seem like the floor is never clean.


See how the toilet is practically touching the wall? Gross. I’d like to gut the room all the way to the exterior wall of the house to get a window in there but I can’t because directly opposite the wall is a trap door to the basement…and I have no idea how to tile over a trap door.

I’m feeling slightly discouraged because if I’m going to spend the money to improve the bathroom, I want to shoot for perfect. Since I can’t expand all the way to the exterior wall, I will still have the issue of no sunlight in the room.