Bathroom Phase 1: Gutting

Walls are down and fixture are out! We removed the wall between the bathroom and the creepy trap door room. Also removed the hall closet to make the bathroom as large as possible.

And, newspaper from the 1960’s used as wall insulation.

Look at that linoleum! I’m guessing this layer is from around 1920. And, surprise, surprise, it’s yellow!! The woman who lived here LOVED yellow!

Linoleum floor from the 20’s.

Oh look, yellow wallpaper!

And the big wall is down. This may be the first time the room has seen the light of day in almost 50 years.

And, here’s a creepy 12″ by 12″ nook that used to be in the kitchen. Note the yellow tea pots.

Another layer of linoleum! This is the original bathroom flooring. There is wood subfloor under it. Yellow. Sooo much yellow.

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