Basement! Part 1.

Yup, we have a basement. It’s unusual out here, but it provides for great storage. ┬áThe flooring was the same gross linoleum tiles that we had in the hallway, and they were filthy after years of neglect. We decided to tear up the linoleum and leave it concrete. This was a long, difficult process because the tiles were REALLY stuck on there. And once we got the tiles up, the floor was sticky from the glue used to stick them down. These didn’t come up nearly as easily as the ones in the hallway.





To help with getting rid of the glue, we used non-toxic Bean-e-doo Mastic Remover, which worked pretty well at dissolving the glue. But then we just had a giant tacky mess of glue and water and glue remover. Mopping up worked a little, but probably the best tip I have here is that putting clay kitty litter down actually did a great job of absorbing all the glue and remover and made it a lot easier to scoop up and dispose of.

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